Tuesday, January 19, 2016News.9 Years Passed WOW Burning Crusade

Congratulations Burning Crusade - nine years ago, the first World of Warcraft expansion alive, bring a lot of wow fans back to the game. Nine years later, now, what is your sweet memories it? Flying mounts, Blood Elf, Paladin / Shaman, Karazhan or attack? Recall that before those memorable stories and safewow Legion arrival!
The most memorable TBC

I remember the first time you ride in your flying mount, staring into the sky? With flying mounts introduced the Burning Crusade, players extend the experience of the world open to the atmosphere, this is the first time in the history of World of Warcraft, players will feel confident. Thus, although it was banned in Delano world for some time, Blizzard has finally returned to the players due to fly to the requirements of the intensity of rights. The difference is that you need to complete certain achievements, now untie your flying mount cheap wow gold ,and have the power to fight the world!.
In addition to exploring the flight, TBC also brings many firsts in the world of Warcraft. First class is expanding there with Paladin and Shaman (the former for the tribe, the latter for the league), and it is to increase the playable blood elves and draenei, and the great sweep of Karazhan and Black Temple in. However, the biggest thing, The Burning Crusade will be brought to us Illidan Stormrage's return, which is what I want to say is that we will be in the upcoming expansion point - Legion!
Recall returns TBC Corps and IllidanCongratulations Burning Crusade - nine years ago, the first World of Warcraft expansion alive, bring a lot of wow fans back to the game.

Since the Legion expansion plan, which is a great time to recall memories Yueyilidan Stormrage, an important role in Warcraft 3, as well as some of Warcraft novel, important things, we will reconsider the Legion Burning Crusade! Yes, you heard wrong, when the Legion came to life this summer, Illidan will be living next to it is another to return here - Gul'dan. What will take place entirely in 7.0? Looking back good memories in TBC, to ensure you do not miss any of the amazing next update!

For many fans wow Burning Crusade is the greatest expansion of the game. It not only brought them back into the world of Warcraft, but let them in there. Nine years later, if still a great deal, you can still relive the weekend by participating in Timewalking BC Burning Crusade. Next Timewalking will be February 24, just buy wow gold safe and cheap safewow accelerate your progress, and gather more combat pet, transmog horse gear wow!



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