Friday, December 25, 2015News.According to the recent news, we know that the attentions World of

World of Warcraft is not as rise more before. World of Warcraft users has fallen to about $ 5.5 million. Although Blizzard's total trade is still very high, but Blizzard recently acquired gold figures show that the efforts to maintain the strength of the network game by other means. Well, wow gold still sell very well in our online store,

Now, let us look at the decline has brought us World of Warcraft Blizzard consequences. World of Warcraft has been released in 2004, the impact of longevity and industry can no MMORG from now, and beyond. We know that it is to sell more than 120,000 users in 2010, the peak in 2010 IGXE WOW gold sales are also in the best of the year.

Huge player base, combined with the game's subscription fee and expansion pack purchase, made Blizzard's game, often generate $ 1 billion in annual revenue cash dominate. In September, 5.5 million users, WOW still has a dedicated and valuable player base. However, the loss of a significant block of its remaining users on WOW's orbit, with each passing year, unless the move to convert the game free-to-play model, will create significant complications WOW move existing ecosystems. WOW will continue to exist in its own way and its development in the game world.


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