Friday, January 08, 2016News.Best Time to Get WoW Gold and Crystallized Fel

Hello everyone! Do you have a magic crystal? Because we know, microcrystalline magic is difficult to get. However, it is a very important player to enhance their legendary ring. Now there's a good opportunity for you to get it and brave. This is awesome, right? In addition, you can buy wow gold now 8-fold domain fast delivery. Now, let us take a look at the good news.

Obtain only one magic crystal, 250 brave now


Recently, some players left a message, wow team on Twitter, which requires players to buy if microcrystalline Blizzard magic and brave it. The answer surprised Blizzard adopted his proposal. So now if you have the courage to 1250, you will be able to buy a magic crystal. In the previous period, the project can only kill dropped from normal or higher difficulty Archimonde. But it can be used after every three levels to enhance the player's legendary ring. It is difficult, but rare WOW players each. Then quickly grab it in your package.

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If you do not yet have enough courage to buy microcrystalline magic points, you can choose to collect cheap wow gold wowtoes. All products have a big WOW 20% sold wowtoes, which will continue until January 24. In the promotion, you can use the "NEW2016" buy wow gold, wow wow items or any other product wowtoes an 8% discount. There have been some players to participate in this promotion, so if you are interested, please do not hesitate to get involved.


In short, this is a grand time for you to get crystal magic and wow gold now. So, do not miss this opportunity, if you have need.


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