Tuesday, January 05, 2016News.Great Time to Win WoW Prizes and Bonus in January Bonus Events

Midwinter is nearing completion, the new 2016 has come to our lives. You'll going to do the first month of this year? Now Blizzard has given all wow activity in January, all WOW players, including Darkmoon Faire, Stranglethorn Fishing Contest as well as some bonus events. They are awesome, we guarantee that you will love them. Here we will show you the details of these events, and provide cheap wow gold to our website, have a visit, if you need to in the game.
The best chance to win from the World of Warcraft Darkmoon Faire equipment
Darkmoon Faire again, this is available from January 3 to January 10, 2016 if you want to get heirloom gear, or feel more and more wow mounts, pet toys or WOW, now is the time it! Because we know that laissez-faire is the best way to make one of them, and it is the only way that you can get a pet. So, do not miss this great event.
Good chance to win prizes in the Stranglethorn Fishing Contest
As usual, the Stranglethorn Fishing Contest will be held every Sunday in the realm of time. Only three winners will be selected, and each participant will also receive awards. cheap wow gold ,and have the power to fight the world! More importantly, it is to prove that you are a good angler Azeroth, there, you will get a fear of piracy ring, Master fishing hook, bay boots, Olympic gold fishing rod, or high test Heng the best chance of gold fishing line. Therefore, if you are interested, hurry to participate!
Great time to obtain a variety of incentive programs bonuses
From December 30, more bonuses event returns. Like Apexis Crystal bonus event, which is that you can not miss the opportunity to earn Apexis Crystal. Northrend Timewalking, Arena skirmishes and major disaster Timewalking is awesome event every WOW player. So pay attention to events on these bonuses and participation!
Despite these great wow event, wowtoes also on the 2016 All wow products wowtoes 8% sales, began holding a big promotion of WOW players, as long as you buy wow gold wow from here or other products, you will enjoy the benefits and "NEW2016 "coupon. Are you excited to these good news? Come on!

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