Tuesday, January 12, 2016News.World Of Warcraft: As Expansion Game Creates Excitement

Continue in the middle of the excitement of fans who are eagerly awaiting the World of Warcraft release date of establishment: Legion highly popular extensions.

Blizzard Entertainment shall credit this, because in the United States to continue to provide the developer to maintain followers, interest until the game finally shake out regular updates, based on the main pioneer.

Blizzard released a major update to adjust, will launch the World of Warcraft PVP modes: Legion, at the time of purchase gear, including elimination of currency buy world of warcraft gold ,and have the power to fight the world!.

Players will be able to level the game mechanics is closer to a majority of online shooting games, and has talent unlock awards and honors, Master Herald report said.

Observers noted that the modification World of Warcraft PVP modes: Legion, whose release date is still unknown, bear a striking resemblance to those of Duty, because the former seems to adapt the latter precious leveling system.

After such a modification, the player can no longer buy used honor and conquest who obtained the highest level, rather than get honor points by participating in the battlefield or the arena until they reach 50 honorary rank of suppliers, but the characters and equipment.

World of Warcraft: Burning Legion, its release date is still a strict secrecy, it has also been an important visual make-over as well.

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