How do I know that your WOW Gold is 100% real and safe?

We have stable and healthy suppliers as before and never disturb the game balance. We promise every order is handled by us safely and carefully. And we will trade with you in the game face to face. Really thanks for ur support to our website and we will do better and better in the future.

Why does your guy ask me to give the gold back and screenshot?

In this case, they are scammers who use the similar character name as ours. Do remember, when getting your gold, don't give it to anyone who try to default you. After the trade of the WOW Gold, we will never ask you to give any gold back, so take care!

How can I get my WOW Gold?

You can place an order first and then we will trade with you face to face in the game asap. Any question, you can contact our live chat and they will help you to check your order status and help you out.

Why did you call me sometimes?

We have many reasons to call you. Sometimes we have enough Cheapest Gold for you to call you back to get your gold. Sometimes something wrong with your order information and we need call to confirm the order information and help you to get your gold. So everything we do is all for you.

Why can't I pay for my order?

Paypal and moneybookers are supported by our website. Only Visa can pay for the order directly, other ways such as credit card, debit card, master card and so on need to go through Paypal and moneybookers to pay for the order. So plz understand it. And you can also change a browser to pay for your order, such as ie. or foxfire browser.

Do you use bots or macros?

No! We do not use any bots or macros to perform our services. We have over 200+ employees that personally work on your character. This ensures your character is leveled in the safest way possible.

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