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All Glyphs of Hunter

1.You will get:
Glyph of Lesser Proportion
Glyph of the Bullseye Glyph of the Trident
Glyph of the Hook
Glyph of the Headhunter
Glyph of Arachnophobia
Glyph of Nesingwary's Nemeses
Glyph of the Skullseye
Glyph of the Goblin Anti-Grav Flare
Glyph of the Stellar Flare
Glyph of the Dire Stable
2.We will deliver the item face to face or send to you by in-game mail.
3. Estimated time:30 minutes-24 hours.

Reins Boss name:NON_BOP
diallou lv:
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