2019-09-19How To Buy Wow Classic Gold?

During the past two months, fans of World of Warcraft Classic have never ceased to be excited. WOW Classic with nostalgic returned to Azeroth, bringing players back to the summer of more than ten years ago.

We are always hearing about different concerns about WOW Classic, one of which will also be mentioned in other MMOs, the in-game currency, it also is gold in WOW Classic.In WoW Class...

2019-09-19How to get more gold in wow classic?

Here are some specific ways to make yourself some money in the vanilla version of World of Warcraft!

wow classic gold

Buy Low & Sell High on the Auction House
This has been the most common strategy to ...

2019-09-03WoW Cooking 1 - 800 Leveling Guide

2019-08-29Fast 1-60 WoW Classic Leveling Guide

Do you want to leveling quickly? I hope this article will help you. Ready, set, start killing boars! For some, WoW Classic leveling won’t be about nostalgically touring the countryside. For those hardy souls, it’s all about getting to endgame and those sweet level 60 rewards. We get it, and we’ve got your back.

https://img.v...2019-08-27WoW Classic Primer for New Players

World of Warcraft Classic is right around the corner! Read on for the info you need to get in and get started on your epic new adventure.

World of Warcraft Classic is a faithful recreation of the original WoW experience, as it was in 2006. Everything about the game—from combat mechanics and talent trees, to character models and zone layouts—has b...

2019-08-26You Should Know Those Things Before You Play World of Warcraft Classic on August 27

Hey, guys! Are you ready for the coming of World of Warcraft Classic? This update will be released on August 27, having already been through a few technical tets. Classic Realm Population Updates for August 25th

Since our look at WoW Classic realms yesterday, even more have filled up. Firemaw and Flamegor are now marked as Full, and we expect some more NA realms to fill up as the day progresses.

Need help to buy cheap wow classic gold and wow cleassic powerleveling? Please follow our Classic Class ...

2019-07-19World of Warcraft Eternal Palace Raid Now Accessible to Players

WoW players now have the chance to test their mettle against the most devoted champions of Queen Azshara as the new Eternal Palace raid is now accessible. The raid has players battle eight bosses. A minimum of level 120 is required with the raid finder minimum item level set at 380. Get the details on the profession...

2016-02-26WOW Legion PTR Garrison Precious metal Missions Removed & Normal water Strider Nerfed

The latest alpha build for World of warcraft: Legion - Build 21134 delivered two waste BAD news. Why bad? Both of them harm, if not all, a great part connected with players’ interests. The first is that garrison gold missions is going to be removed and no more time provide wow gold rewards when Legion releases. The second one is the water-walking Water Strider mounts will only function in t...

2016-02-23The Reasons Why World of Wracraft Old Serves Won’t Be Open Again

And also the 9 years anniversary on the Burning Crusade, a number of whoa players hope blizzard may reopen the old machines. However, the Game Director for World of warcraft has replied that that they haven’t any plans to create classic servers on the official forum. In the meantime, some players also are at odds of this idea. Following we will demonstrate the concrete reasons the reason why Le...

2016-02-19Dungeon Run Live Stream Event on February 9th


One of the big features coming on the planet of Warcraft: Legion expansion is the go back to relevance of max-level dungeons. To show off Legion's max-level dungeons, Blizzard is hosting numerous YouTube and live stream "personalities" as they race against time to complete the dungeons. The event will take place on Tuesday2016-02-16Ronda Rousey Latest Cultural Icon to Be Immortalized in Game

Blizzard is at it again with pop stars which have been immortalized in Warcraft. We already have manboobs from the Final Illusion series, Harris Pilton (Paris Hilton) now UFC fighter Ronda Rousey will participate in the fun when Legion launches and is, in fact, already in the alpha test. Check out the Blizzplanet video clip below where Rousey is portrayed close to the equally famous Mila Kunis,...

2016-02-02Duncan Jones' Challenge - Spot the Quests


Duncan Jones released a pair of World of Warcraft fans asked to examine the challenges of Warcraft movie and a pair of images, they were "on the spot mission" in the image of his Twitter account. We will not spoil it here, I hope you can tell us what you see in the comments.

The location is immediately outside the auction / Bank task board in the middle of Stormwind Allia...

2016-01-29World of Warcraft: Legion Updates: Expansion Pack New Features Detailed

World of Warcraft: Legion is expected to be out in September. Blizzard Entertainment to ensure the inclusion of new features in the sixth expansion pack.

From Blizzard's expansion plan is expected to be this year or before September 21, according to Bitbag. Legion is listed in the pre-order page at $ 50 for the standard version and $ 70 digital Deluxe Edition price.

2016-01-263 Tips to Fully Use Runescape Invention Skill with Details of Relevant Perks

RS invention skills upcoming next Monday. To help you on new equipment, and create a new project, it is necessary to get some useful tips to take full advantage of the skills and learn more details useful invention in RuneScape welfare.
Tip 1 Remove the higher level of the project reduces the amount of garbage you get
In fact, it will affect the amount of garbage items break higher yo...

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