Friday, February 19, 2016News.Dungeon Run Live Stream Event on February 9th


One of the big features coming on the planet of Warcraft: Legion expansion is the go back to relevance of max-level dungeons. To show off Legion's max-level dungeons, Blizzard is hosting numerous YouTube and live stream "personalities" as they race against time to complete the dungeons. The event will take place on Tuesdayworld of warcraft gold ,and have the power to fight the world!,

Our two teams is going to be racing through two dungeons: The Maw of People, a brand-new dungeon not yet available in the Legion Alpha, and the Heroic trouble version of Halls involving Valor, home of the greatest warriors on the vrykul. While these teams have gotten some practice with Halls involving Valor on lower trouble, this will be once any adventurer has set foot inside the Maw of Souls-all both of these teams know is you may anticipate the unexpected!


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