Friday, August 16, 2013News.Enter The Twin Peaks

We knew that there would be new battlegrounds in Cataclysm but the details were shrouded in mystery. Would it be more vehicles breaking down walls? Perhaps another king of the hill? The wait is over. The first of what are presumed to be multiple new battlegrounds will be the Twin Peaks. The objective: capture the flag.

Blizzard is going back to their roots with a concept parallel to Warsong Gulch which is arguably the most successful and loved of all the World of Warcraft battlegrounds. Additional details like the exact map layout are unavailable for now, but we can expect something similar in size and scope to WSG. It will be 10 vs 10 just like Gulch and will probably feature the usual battleground power ups.

The community response to the news has been overwhelmingly positive. Most players seem relieved that we'll be having more 'classic' modes of battleground competition rather than fights involving vehicles. My 2 cents is that it's a positive change -- the number one complaint about WoTLK bgs has been the fact that you spend far too much time controlling vehicles with very limited utility and mobility instead of the character that you've invested your time and effort into. This is one step closer to fixing that problem.

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