Tuesday, December 29, 2015News.I’ve been WoWed – sue me

In world there is a big elephant in the room: World of Warcraft. If the forum posts are to be believed, there are those who like it, between those who hate it even one soul. However, whether you believe it or not,'sbelle parsley is one of the same intermediary, she has some things to say about World of Warcraft, because she rejoined the game after big disaster. Check out her thoughts, then give us a response in the comments below.

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Quick tangent here: Yes, I know there is a problem of Warcraft. No, I'm not saying this is a perfect game. I will not discuss these things with anyone who is so ingrained one or the other, they can not even consider the point of view instead of their own. Fanaticism and fanaticism are annoying, pointless debates, no matter what the topic. End tangent.

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