Friday, February 26, 2016News.WOW Legion PTR Garrison Precious metal Missions Removed & Normal water Strider Nerfed

The latest alpha build for World of warcraft: Legion - Build 21134 delivered two waste BAD news. Why bad? Both of them harm, if not all, a great part connected with players’ interests. The first is that garrison gold missions is going to be removed and no more time provide wow gold rewards when Legion releases. The second one is the water-walking Water Strider mounts will only function in their specific zones.
Exp will replace Gold being rewards for Garrison

Garrisons, a feature added within the Warlord of Draenor, has been always controversial from your very beginning to as soon as when the expansion is to complete. For some players, it may be ways to get pronounced rewards (it can be a gold farmer if set up correctly). However, for other players, this is a poor addition that keeps players confined thus to their own personal instance. Thus, when it came away that Garrison Gold Missions is going to be removed in Legion, there are not just about all complaints safe wow gold ,and have the power to fight the world!.
Some people told which it was not reasonable to generate thousands of wow silver from Garrison for certainly not playing the game. However, there is no doubt that it decision hurts those people who stay in Garrison pertaining to gold farming much. What’s worse, to take place incredible gold, Blizzard only gives Encounter for compensation, which is unacceptable by the great part of participants. For those who haven’t acknowledged, the reward of “Blingtron’s Technique Vault” is changed via 1000 gold to 1500 xp. And the “Blood, Gold, and Regret” will award 8000 xp rather then 2000 gold.
Water Strider will just work in specified specific zones

If the removal associated with gold missions is good news for a few people, the nerf on Drinking water Strider should hurt just about all players. According to wowhead, the Water Strider mounts is only going to work in the zones that they were purchased. For example, the Azure Water Strider only works in Pandaria along with the Crimson Water Strider simply works in Draenor. Someone might speculate that this change is made to incentive the Fishing Artifact. However, even for this explanation, it is unacceptable. “If you need to nerf X to generate Y more appealing, you clearly need to revise it and allow it to become better than giving the same principle as before”, this sentence may be described as a voice of many players’ paper hearts.

With players’ disapproval developing against nerfing water strider brackets, will Blizzard make one more decision, maybe to free it as before? Not sure, but nothing is final yet as alpha alterations are be subject to change.

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