Monday, August 26, 2019News.WoW Classic Realm Population Updates for August 25th

Since our look at WoW Classic realms yesterday, even more have filled up. Firemaw and Flamegor are now marked as Full, and we expect some more NA realms to fill up as the day progresses.

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EU Realms
On EU realms, Firemaw and Flamegor moved from High to Full, and Auberdine from Medium to High.

  Chromie - Normal - Russian
  Hydraxian Waterlords - RP - English
  Razorfen - Normal - German
  Venoxis - PvP - German
  Zandalar Tribe - RP-PvP - English
Auberdine - Normal - French
Mirage Raceway - Normal - English
Everlook - Normal - German
Firemaw - PvP - English
Flamegor - PvP - Russian
Gehennas - PvP - English
Golemagg - PvP - English
Lucifron - PvP - German
Pyrewood Village - Normal - English
Shazzrah - PvP - English
Sulfuron - PvP - French

At 10 am Pacific time, on August 26th, Blizzard will open up five more EU realms.

Name Type Language
Flamelash PvP English
Gandling PvP English
Mograine PvP English
Nethergarde Keep Normal English
Razorgore PvP English

NA Realms
Skeram and Grobbulus moved from Medium to High, and Myzrael from High to Full.

  Blaumeux - PvP - Pacific
  Remulos - Normal - Oceanic
  Arugal - PvP - Oceanic
  Bloodsail Buccaneers - RP
  Grobbulus - RPPVP
  Skeram - PvP - Eastern
  Atiesh - Normal - Pacific
  Faerlina - PvP - Eastern
  Fairbanks - PvP - Pacific
  Herod - PvP - Eastern
  Mankrik - Normal - Eastern
  Myzrael - Normal - Pacific
  Pagle - Normal - Eastern
  Stalagg - PvP - Eastern
  Thalnos - PvP - Eastern
  Whitemane - PvP - Pacific

At 10 am Pacific time, on August 26th, Blizzard will open up four more NA realms. 

Name Type Timezone
Incendius PvP Eastern
Bigglesworth PvP Pacific
Old Blanchy Normal  Pacific
Westfall Normal  Eastern

Before you put your plans too firmly in place, we encourage you to gather your allies together to select your new home realm. Once you’ve created your new character, all that will be left is to synchronize your chronometer with your friends and allies and prepare for your world (of Warcraft) domination!

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