Friday, January 29, 2016News.World of Warcraft: Legion Updates: Expansion Pack New Features Detailed

World of Warcraft: Legion is expected to be out in September. Blizzard Entertainment to ensure the inclusion of new features in the sixth expansion pack.

From Blizzard's expansion plan is expected to be this year or before September 21, according to Bitbag. Legion is listed in the pre-order page at $ 50 for the standard version and $ 70 digital Deluxe Edition price.

According to the Bitbag, Blizzard confirmed that the Legion Legion expansion included in the package and a new class. World of Warcraft: Legion will bring tasks, area and other projects related to the Burning Legion best wow gold ,and have the power to fight the world!.

Legion is determined to create chaos and injure the people. This group of menacing beasts occupy Azeroth. The sixth expansion will bring a new class, the demon hunter.

Across the map that the upcoming World of Warcraft: Legion will have a feature that allows players from the introduction of a new aesthetic changes and gearing for a class, and set aside. Screenshot revealed the idea Corps of Engineers wardrobe videos are deleted. Wardrobe tab as a toy box and heirloom items. Players can adventure to look after their own items looted.

Legion also includes a separate wardrobe tag, allowing players to change their gear aesthetics, confirmed master pioneer.

Extension package options offer pre-orders for upcoming Blizzard. Fans can choose the Standard Edition, and access to a digital copy. Otherwise, fans can in World of Warcraft Digital Deluxe Edition decision: Legion, the source said.

Main pioneer remind fans to join the development team is still in the game. Alpha testing purposes dates back to the Legion.


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