Friday, August 16, 2013News.Get Your Guild Into The Cataclysm

Getting into the Cataclysm beta won't be easy. Pretty much all 11 million WoW players worldwide would jump at the chance to participate in the testing of the new expansion. This could be your ticket in!

Blizzard is giving 10 player groups (or guilds) the opportunity to prove their worthiness to be Cataclysm beta testers. I don't have any tips on how to up your chances of getting in other than to say that it's best to be eloquent and concise. Blizzard will want beta testers that are more than window dressing, so they'll be looking for individuals that can express their thoughts in a clean manner that could hopefully translate into useful beta feedback.

If you're worried about your chances of getting into the beta, have everyone you know sign up for this, that's a lot of potential invites for you. Good luck!

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